Draper's Organic Cotton

Why buy organic cotton reusable sanitary pads?

Organic Cotton pads are safer for you and the environment. Many of us are unaware of the variety of chemicals (including dioxins) women are putting next to and into their bodies with the use of disposable sanitary products. By choosing to use washable cloth menstrual pads, women can reduce their exposure to these harmful toxins.

It is reported that various chemicals including dioxin have been found in major brands of menstrual pads and tampons. Dioxin is a known carcinogen and has been linked to cervical cancer, breast cancer, endometriosis, and immune system suppression, even if the exposure is small.

In addition, the plastic and glue backing on disposable pads reduces air circulation and creates a stagnant environment in which some bacteria thrive. This can cause vaginal irritation and yeast infection.

These washable pads are made of 100% Demeter certified Egyptian organic cotton; meaning that they are extremely soft and breathable as well as comfortable and irritant free.

The Organic Night Pads are designed for Post-partum and heavy flows – they also provide extra cushioning for post-partum sore parts. The mini pads can be used for light days (and for incontinence) and the day pads are for normal flows.

The liners can be folded in four ways, when you need to change the surface, to keep you feeling fresher for longer. The night pads come with 2x liner, whilst the mini and day pads come with 1 liner. 

The Organic Cotton Mini Pads are best suited for incontinence. They are small (8 inch or 22 cm long) so can be carried easily in your bag and they are super-soft just like the other pads. You can use them with or without the liner that comes with the pad. They help prevent irritation and allow your skin to breathe, which is important for people who are wearing them everyday.

Even the sewing threads are organic
All of the sewing threads are also made of 100% organic cotton and the snaps are nickel free to avoid allergy and skin irritation.

These pads are designed to last for years, which saves you money and is better for the environment.

How to use

(1) The Night/Postpartum Pads come with two liners. The Mini & Day Pad come with 1.

(2) Place one (or more) of the super-soft liners into the pockets – this practical design allows you to just change the liner when necessary, not the entire pad.

(3) The print side of the Menstrual Pads should sit against your underwear. Fold the wings over the crotch and close the snaps.

3. How to care for the Pads

These pads are made of 100% organic cotton, which contains natural oil. To maximize its absorbency, wash the pad before you use it for the first time, to wash off its natural oil.

Once you have used the pad, rinse and soak it with laundry soap or cleaning agent in cold water, then put it in the washing machine with your regular detergent. They can then be air-dried or with the use of a dryer, on a low temperature.

5. How many Pads do I need?

It is recommended that you have 4 Day pads, 2 Mini Pads and 2 Night pads to start with. If your flow is lighter than average, you need only 1 night pad. If you have a heavy flow you may want to add 1 more night pad and day pad, with liners.

6. Will These Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads leak?

Just like any other menstrual products, you need to change the pads within a reasonable amount of time to prevent accidents from happening. It may be a good idea to start using them on light days and once you are used to them, use them for your heavier days and during the night.

7. What is recommended for heavy flows, night time and post-partum?

Organic Cotton Night Pads are best suited for heavy flows, night-time and postpartum. They are 13inch or 34 cm long and come with 2 organic cotton liners as a set. While this is usually enough for heavy flows, you can also add liners for extra protection.

8. What sizes do the Organic Menstrual Pads come in?

Mini Pad (comes with 1 liner) for lighter days
Size: length 8", wing-to-wing 8", liner 6.75" x 6.75"
Day Pad (comes with 1 liner) for regular days.
Size: length 10", wing-to-wing 8", liner 9.5" x 8.5"
Night Pad (comes with 2 liners) for nights & postpartum.
Size: length 13", wing-to-wing 8.5", liner 12" x 11.5"