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Breathable Organic Cotton Reusable Sanitary Pads Mini-Alana Pink


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Unlike disposable pads that contain dioxin and bleaching residues, these pads (which can also be used for incontinence) are made from chemical free, naturally dyed, organic egyptian cotton. With poppers that attach securely to most underwear and a liner that can be folded 3-ways (day/night-pad x 4ways) to create a fresh surface, you may not always need to change the entire pad to maintain your comfort, just the folding of the liner. This pad comes with 1 liner.





100% certified organic cotton: super-soft for extra padding, comfortable, practical, safe and environmentally friendly.

Practical: They can last for six years, making them a most cost-effective choice. These pads are easy to clip on most panties, feeling like another layer of very soft underwear, the liner sits within the pad so you do not need to change the whole pad, just the liner. They are breathable, so do not get the uncomfortable, sweaty feeling of disposable pads and there is no glue to get stuck in the wrong places!

Safe: The pads are 100% chemical free, and like all of our products, the poppers are nickel-free and the dyes used are environment-friendly, low-impact and metal-free.

Fair Trade: they are made in a factory in Egypt where there are 3000 workers who receive a fair wage; there are hospitals, schools and health centres and child labour is strictly prohibited.