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1x Hemp Face Covering with Built In Filter Pocket and Filters


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Prices are 1 for £12 (3 for £33, 5 for £50) with 3x filter included in the price, with each face covering.

Drapers Organic now offer a range of unisex Hemp Face Coverings for our customers as we all appreciate the natural beauty, style and sustainability of hemp fabric and may prefer to have this lovely fabric against our faces, whilst it is necessary (at least for the foreseeable future).

All face coverings include 3 TNT fabric filters, as added protection. Details below*

The Hemp Face Coverings are available in Purely Natural (undyed hemp) and 4 other lovely colours - Purely Chocolate, Purely Sky, Purely Lilac, Purely Claret . They are made with two layers of 100% hemp fabric with a sewn in pocket in which you can place your own filter insert, if you wish to do so for added protection or you can use the filters included, which are made from TNT fabric.

Approx Measurements - 24.5cm x 16cm.

Please note there will be some shrinkage on washing, 3-5%, more on the undyed than the colours.

Please advise which colour/s you would like to receive in the 'Order Comments Box' once you go through to the checkout area of this website.  You may have all the same colour, or choose from the variety of colours:

Purely Natural (undyed), Purely Chocolate, Purely Claret, Purely Lilac and Purely Sky.

Please also advise if you have a preference re the type of filters received.

We will be adding more colours and a children's size to this range in due course so please do email with any suggestions you might have for future colours ie Orange, Black, Deep Sage Green, Dark Blue, Aubergine, Petrol Green..? We will also be adding hemp/organic cotton face cloths in Ivory.

NOTE! To safely remove the face mask after use, remove the straps from behind the ears with clean hands. Do not touch the mask with your hands.  Place in to a bag until it can be washed. Leave in place, on your face, whilst around others, do not put below chin etc when speaking, as this defeats the purpose of wearing one. Please remember to continue following all Government guidelines; wash hands regularly, social distance, stay alert.

Please note that, if only buying face coverings, any overages in the flat rate postage cost automatically charged will be refunded, once the order has been sent (based on the actual cost of postage). 

Care Instructions and Filter Information

Hemp Face Coverings can be machine washed using a suitable detergent.

Reshape and Iron whilst damp for best results. Please be very careful not to touch the straps with the iron. Undyed will require more ironing than the colours.

Do not tumble dry.

Hang or lay flat to dry - Allow to dry fully before re using.

Do not bleach.

Please note that Hemp Face Coverings cannot be returned due to the nature of the product.

* Each Face Covering comes with 3x TNT Filter if you choose to take/use them. Please advise which you would like to receive.

Please note that Drapers Organic are in no way experts in the field of viruses or the values or science of TNT fabric so it is for customers to decide whether they wish to use these TNT filters, a different filter or no filter.   

Filters: Made from 2 Styles of TNT fabric. See image below.

Beige Filter : One use only, or limited use and leave for several days before using again (based only on what experts say about the life of viruses).  Do Not Iron.  This is a stronger, denser fabric; offering more protection, but should only be used once as it cannot be washed or ironed.

Black Filters : These are made from a thinner TNT fabric and can be re-used but just for a limited number of times, if they have been ironed between uses. Do not iron without some fabric between the filter and the iron.

Also available to buy separately.


5x Hemp Face Covering with Built In Filter Pocket with Filters