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Child/Adult Hemp Fabric Protector - 50cm x 100cm or 60cm x 100cm


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 This hemp cooler has many uses. It can be wrapped around the face, for protection, put on car seats, over prams, pushchairs, shoulders, heads; it keeps the surface or yourself cool, when the sun is beating down.

This gorgeous hemp fabric stays cool to the touch, even when everything else is heating up! It is plain, simple but effective.

Approx dimensions 50cm x 100cm or 60cm x 100cm. Please specify if you have a preference.

..Why Buy Hemp?

Hemp is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics. It is a renewable, biodegradable resource that grows well without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and has a deep root system that helps to prevent soil erosion, whilst removing toxins and aerating the soil to the benefit of future crops. It is also drought resistant, unfortunately an important factor in today's world. 

Hemp is a most resourceful crop and as such has been cultivated for thousands of years. The fibres being renowned for their strength and durability, whilst the seeds are a great nutritional source of proteins, as well as providing other health and practical uses. It has a relatively short growth cycle, so is an efficient crop for farmers to grow, and is known for its many other uses such as paper, bodycare products, detergents, pet foods and even biofuels.

Hemp is a textural, naturally attractive fabric that can be produced in various weights, so is suitable for the finest of apparel to heavy duty upholstery. It is naturally UV resistant and absorbent, and is also known for its anti-bacterial, anti-mould and insulative qualities. It feels soft and has a contemporary elegance, suitable for today's more simple taste.