Draper's Organic Cotton

Choice of Two TNT Filter Inserts x 10 Filters @ 0.50p each


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These filters can be inserted in to the pocket of the Hemp Face Coverings, or customers can use any filter of their choice, or no filter, as preferred.

Please note that Drapers Organic are in no way experts in the field of viruses or the values or science of TNT fabric so it is for customers to decide whether they wish to use these TNT filters, a different filter or no filter.   

Filters: Made from 2 Styles of TNT fabric. Please see below description and image.

Please advise, at Checkout, which filter colour you require, or if you want a mix of both.

Beige Filters : One use only, or limited use and leave for several days before using again (based solely on what experts say about the life of viruses).  Do Not Iron.  This is a stronger, denser fabric; offering more protection, but should only be used once as it cannot be washed or ironed.

Black Filters : These are made from a thinner TNT fabric and can be re-used (but recommend for a limited number of times) if they have been ironed between uses. Do not iron without some fabric between the filter and the heat of the iron.

If you wish to know more about TNT fabric there is further information on the internet, to explain what it is, the values etc


"..Non-woven is a material made ​​of fabric-based polypropylene and viscose which has, among its main features, the fact that they are non-toxic and semi-permeable , thus preventing the passage of particles or droplets of contaminated fluid.. ".(as copied from polybag.pl)

Please note that, if only buying face coverings/filters, any overages in the flat rate postage cost automatically charged will be refunded, once the order has been sent (based on the actual cost of postage).