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Hemp Shower Curtain - Purely Sage Green 140cm x 194cm drop


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This rich, sage green shower curtain is a beautiful colour that is sure to enhance the look of your bathroom or other living spaces.  Our 'Purely' range of hemp shower curtains uses an elegantly crisp, more linen style hemp fabric, which differs to the more cotton like feel of the rest of our hemp shower curtain collection.

This curtain also makes a stunning regular curtain because of the style of the hemp fabric used.

Draper's Organic are proud to introduce our 100% hemp shower curtain as a toxic-free, attractive and bio-degradable alternative to the off-gassing of a pvc shower curtain (see below article). Our natural hemp shower curtains have a simple, contemporary elegance and feel soft and cool to the touch. Hemp is absorbent, so will stop the water from spraying through, it will not cling like plastic curtains and is also known to be naturally resistant to mould and bacteria** (please see below 'care' for further details).     

Our price includes our attractive set of hemp rope rings, which are looped together to give a double ring which is attached to each eyelet, though you can use just one of the hemp ropes to shorten the length of the curtain. These hemp rope rings then loop over any standard curtain rail.

Approx Dimensions -

140cm width x 194cm drop.

Please allow for some tolerance to the dimensions shown and approx 7% shrinkage when choosing your size. If you need to know the exact size. please advise and we shall measure to confirm.                                          

...Why Buy Hemp?

Hemp makes one of the most eco friendly fabrics available and it does not need any nasty chemicals to grow. Unlike cotton, it is a sustainable resource that is naturally resistant to most pests, so there is no need for pesticides. The plant needs little help to thrive. It requires less water than cotton to grow and is so prolific and tightly spaced that fertilizers and herbicides are also unnecessary, as there is no room for weeds.With its deep root system it grows without negatively affecting the soil and can therefore be grown for several years. In fact, growing hemp adds more than it takes out of the land, unlike cotton which depletes the soil of its nutrients. Industrial hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years, the fibres being renowned for their strength and durability, whilst the seeds are a great nutritional source of proteins, as well as providing other health and practical uses. It is a most efficient crop to grow with its relatively short cycle and many uses, such as nutritional hemp seeds, paper, bodycare products, detergents, pet foods and even insulation, but it should not be confused with its illegal cousin (in comparison it contains just a trace of THC, not even enough to bring a smile to your face).

Hemp fabric is a textural, naturally attractive fabric that can be produced in various weights, so is suitable for the finest of apparel to heavy duty upholstery. It is naturally UV resistant and absorbent, and is also known for its anti-bacterial, anti-mould** (see below) and insulative qualities. It feels soft and has a contemporary elegance, suitable for today's more simple taste.                                                


**Although hemp is known to be naturally durable and resistant to mould and bacteria, please remember that it is a natural fabric that has not been treated with any chemicals so this cannot be guaranteed as it may depend on individual conditions. Opening the shower curtain and allowing it to dry properly in a well ventilated bathroom, with the window open, is recommended. If being used in a bath, it should be placed on the outside of the bath (ringing out any excess water at the hem if necessary) after use, for air circulation, to allow it to dry.

TIP You may wish to use a peg/clip to attach the hem of your shower curtain to the curtain rail, if being used in a bath, if letting it dry outside of the bath could be difficult.

Please maintain and wash as necessary, which you can do on a gentle wash with a mild detergent (please remove all curtain rings when you wash the shower curtain). Although hemp can be washed on higher temperatures and tumble dried on gentle, we do not recommend this due to shrinkage of natural fibres. We recommend you iron on the underside whilst damp for best results and to reshape, it can then be hung to finish drying.  Hemp can also be dry cleaned. You can use inhibitors and cleaning agents such as a borax and vinegar solution, oxygen bleach, lemon and sunshine etc if mould/mildew may be a problem. Please be vigilant and act immediately should any signs of mould be seen, to avoid it spreading and becoming harder to treat.  You can also put pieces of charcoal or a humidity absorber in the room to help soak up moisture.


Although most customers are happy with their hemp shower curtain as it is, you may wish to use a liner as with other fabric shower curtains on the market,  if the conditions of use or lifestyle preference do not suit the use of a fabric shower curtain alone. It is for our customers to decide if a natural, untreated fabric shower curtain will suit their circumstances, prior to use, as we cannot accept their return once used. Thank you for your understanding.


See the below article from The Independent in July 2008 about Plastic Shower Curtains:



Toxic shower curtain warning


By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Sunday, 6 July 2008


American scientists are warning that the humble plastic shower curtain is responsible for releasing more than 100 toxic chemicals into homes, including some suspected of causing cancer or having gender-bending effects.


A report from the Center for Health, Environment and Justice calls for PVC curtains to be banned, a call echoed by Greenpeace. Several stores have already phased them out.

The research tested five curtains over 28 days and found 108 volatile organic compounds which, the study says, can irritate the eyes, ears and throat and damage the liver, kidney and central nervous system. Some, it adds, "are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans".

All the curtains were also found to contain phthalates which have been linked to premature breast development in girls, and feminisation effects in baby boys.


Thank you for your interest in our purely hemp shower curtains, which make an attractive and responsible alternative to the plastic shower curtain.  

Please note it is possible that there may be some irregularities in the fabric, which should not be deemed a fault and is characteristic of a natural fabric.