Knitted Hemp Blankets/Sunshields

We are very happy to add these truly lovely blankets to our growing Natural Hemp Collection.


These knitted, hemp blankets are soft, elegant and cosy. EverythIng you want from a blanket or throw, but with the added benefit of also being naturally, 'purely hemp'.



Please also see our woven hemp sun coolers. They really help protect you from the sun's strong glare and heat. 



Purely Hemp Knitted Blanket - Natural - Approx 250cm x 260cm
This totally natural hemp knitted blanket / bedspread is naturally elegant, adding a modern yet simple style to your home environment. It is made... more info
Hemmed Hemp Sun Shield - 50cm x 100cm
  This hemp cooler has many uses. It can be wrapped around the head and/or shoulders, for protection, put on car seats, over prams,... more info