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Large Hemp Beanbag Cover - Purely Natural


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Our 100% hemp fabric beanbag covers are a brilliant shape that can be manipulated in to a very comfortable adult 'chair' shape to suit, or laid out to lounge upon. The size and shape is perfect for adults and is also loved by children of all ages.

The beanbag shown here has been filled so that, when the top of the bean bag hemp fabric (approx 27" of loose fabric, when held up) has been allowed to flop on top of the filling, it measures approx 27" width x 27" depth x 15" height. The recommended filling for this is 6 cubic feet, although we did not use the full amount of filling in this beanbag, and it is extremely comfortable, you can of course fill it to suit. However, if you have decided to use natural filling, rather than the usual beads, these will be a lot heavier and more abrasive than standard beanbag filling and so will apply more pressure on the cover. Therefore please be aware of this and do not over fill, and do use a suitable Liner, to avoid undue pressure on the seams and fabric when being sat (or jumped) upon.  Thank you.

Please note this is the beanbag cover only, we do not treat any of our products with chemicals so an interliner and suitable filling that complies with current Fire Safety Standards will need to be bought separately from another supplier, as we do not sell these. Please ensure the interliner used is sealed properly to ensure that no filling can escape or be accessed by a young child, as this could be a serious choking / breathing hazard.

The hemp fabric we have used for these fabulous beanbag covers is our Purely Natural (undyed) 100% Hemp which is an elegant, soft to touch, light wheat/latte colour.  This is also available by the metre, please see our fabrics category.


Hemp Beanbag great as a lounger and a chair